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Tape machine installation and related facilities —

In response to the advice and needs of new customers around the world, the company now arranges the following requirements and conditions for the installation of the tape machine and some related facilities, as well as the location of the site:

1. The site for site selection and installation of the tape conveyor must be on a relatively flat hardened floor. Because the tape machine needs a good environment for operation, it cannot be said that the ground is pitted and the various parts of the operation are uncoordinated to produce the product. Not qualified! This is all that needs to be considered.
2, the machine is assembled, the tape machine is generally separated from each other. Before the installation is completed, after the site is selected, the front and rear intermediate frames are placed on the level ground to maintain a uniform horizontal line! To maintain stable operation.
3. After the installation is completed, pre-work processing is performed on each part of the machine, including chain, sprocket, bearing, reducer, lubricating oil or grease.
4. After the lubrication treatment, the main components are debugged to keep them rotating smoothly, and no blockage can occur.
5. After the installation of each part is completed, turn on the power to test the machine! No need to install materials during the test machine, and do a bare test! Observe the operation of each component! Found an abnormality, power-off treatment,
6. When the belt conveyor is not running, it is necessary to disconnect the power supply for safety reasons.

(Note: If you have any questions or details, please contact our foreign trade commissioner or call us. All employees of the company welcome your visit and will try their best to serve you)