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Tape coating machine product features —

The tape coating machine is a coating production process equipment for professional BOPP sealing tape, and has made its own contribution to the improvement of coating production efficiency of sealing tape. The product features of the tape coating machine mainly include the following aspects:
1. The oven temperature of the tape coating machine is not certain, but the temperature multi-stage control method is adopted, so that different temperature selections can be made according to different materials, so that the drying efficiency of the oven of the tape coating machine is improved.
2. Another feature of the tape coating machine is that it is not heated in a single way, but has a variety of heating methods. Commonly used are hot stove heating, electric heating and steam heating, so that different materials can choose the heating method that suits them best when heating, which improves the heating efficiency.
3. The tension of the tape coating machine is also controlled by segmentation, and its winding equipment is also equipped with automatic correcting effect, so that the edges of the produced products are very neat, and the products are not caused by the edges being too rough. Problems such as declining quality.

The tape coating machine has provided convenience for the production of BOPP sealing tape in China with its good product performance, and promoted the development of sealing tape in China.