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Introduction and description of GL-213 model slitting machine —

A slitter is a mechanical device that slits wide sheets of paper or film into a plurality of narrow web materials and is commonly used in printing and packaging machinery. In the past, the magnetic powder clutch speed of the slitting machine could not be high, because it would easily cause high-speed friction of the magnetic powder during operation, generate high temperature, shorten its life, and it would be stuck in serious cases, which would hinder the operation of the machine and bring serious consequences to the production.
Seriously affected production efficiency. Today, the company’s GL-213 model slitting machine has greatly improved the shortcomings of the traditional slitting machine, and greatly improved the working efficiency of the machine and the quality of the machine itself: GL-213 Bopp tape slitting and rewinding machine, suitable for cutting various types of BOPP tape, cellophane tape and so on.

At the same time, the machine has the following characteristics:
1. PLC control system with touch panel operation.
2. Full-automatic four-shaft exchange is adopted and the efficiency is improved..
3.The unwinding tension is adopted with powder brake control.
4. The banana roller is used to eliminate tape wrinkles during extension and feeding.
5. Unwind double-press roller can reduce noise.
6. (Optional) Auto tabbing device, jumbo roll up-lifter, noise hood and air score knives for
masking tape converting.
7. Spool trim winder is used for edge trimming collect and if tape gets broken during running,
machine will auto stop.

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