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How to install the tape on the sealing machine?

1.  The tape should be installed securely. The sealing of the tape winding of the sealing machine is completed by three circlips.The clamping force of the three circlips is very large. When installing, the user must. Secure the tape roll to the machine very securely, otherwise the tape may fall off during operation.
2,  The tape surface should be installed flat. After the tape is pulled out from the machine, there may be some wrinkles. This wrinkle must be smoothed before the sealing machine seals, otherwise it will affect the sealing effect.
3.  The adhesive surface of the tape should be as dust-free as possible. When installing the tape roll for the first time, the hand of the installer will accidentally touch the adhesive surface of the tape, which will reduce the viscosity of the tape and affect the quality of the sealing. When loading tape rolls, try to avoid dust. The installation tape is one of the necessary tasks in the use of the sealing machine. This seemingly simple thing hides many elementary schools and asks a series of troubles if not properly installed. In general, The installation diagram of the tape will be installed on the column of the sealing machine, and the user only needs to install it according to the schematic diagram. The above-mentioned Yisite Xiaobian introduced the tape for installing the sealing machine. On the sealing machine, the tape is replaced most often, so we need to understand the replacement of the tape. The sealing machine we often call the tape seal. The box machine is a kind of machine that replaces the manual boxing of the carton. Instead of manual, the efficiency is greatly improved. Our Zhengzhou Yisite is a professional manufacturer of sealing tape machines. We produce The sealing machine has a semi-automatic sealing machine and a fully automatic sealing machine. Customers can choose different types of sealing machines according to their own production efficiency problems.

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