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GL-701 automatic cutting station update —

In order to meet the needs of the market, as well as the advice of new and old customers, our scientific research team has completed some functions and updates of the GL-701 automatic cutting platform through unremitting efforts, with its better performance and productivity for the new and old. Customers create value and greater benefits. Below I will give you a brief explanation of the relevant information and features of the 701 automatic cutting platform:

——- This machine is suitable for cutting BOPP, PVC, PE, masking tape, double-sided tape, kraft paper tape, foam tape, tape, industrial tape, protective film and so on.
New and improved places:

1. Blade feeding positioning system: Blade feeding is controlled by Mitsubishi servo motor, and the cutting speed is adjustable in three stages.
2. Auto angle adjustment of circular blade: Mitsubishi servo motor is used to calculate the circular blade angle and the angle change is subject to different materials (the angle change range is ±8°).
3. Quick shaft change system: Three kinds of shafts are available and quick change of shafts is applied for different materials.
4.Cutting positioning system: Cutting positioning is controlled by Mitsubishi servo motor. The imported high precision ball screw is applied to set the size and the linear slide rail is to bear the load of the cutter seat.

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