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Coating machine troubleshooting —

Coating machine drive parts wear:
During the operation of the coater, the wear of the transmission part often occurs, such as the wear of the dryer shaft of the coater and the wear of the bearing chamber of the roll paper. Traditional repair methods include surfacing, thermal spraying, brush plating, etc., but all have certain drawbacks:
Surfacing can cause the surface of the part to reach a very high temperature, causing deformation or cracking. In severe cases, it will cause the shaft to break. The plating plating should not be too thick, and the pollution is serious, and the application is also limited. The material has good adhesion and compressive strength.
The coating machine can be repaired on site without disassembly. At the same time, because of its metal-deficient concession, it can absorb the shock vibration of the equipment and avoid secondary wear.

Coating machine concrete foundation damage:
Due to corrosion, aging, equipment vibration and other factors, the coating machine will also cause damage to the concrete base and other parts, resulting in loosening of the bolts of the fastening equipment, which seriously affects production. Conventional concrete pouring method for treatment,
Will make the repair time greatly extended, and enterprises are more difficult to accept.

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