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BOPP tape part reference standard –

EAST Import and Export Trading Company in accordance with pressure sensitive technical requirements, test methods and acceptance rules.
As a standard for the packaging and packaging of biaxially oriented polypropylene (hereinafter referred to as tape), the following tape types and names are specified:

GB / T 191-2008 packaging storage and transportation icons;
GB 2792-81 pressure sensitive tape 180 degree peel strength determination method;
GB2828-87 batch-by-batch inspection sampling procedures and sampling tables;
GB 4850-84 pressure sensitive tape low speed unwinding strength test method;
GB 4851-88 pressure sensitive tape clamping method;
GB 4852-84 pressure sensitive tape initial tack determination method oblique angle rolling ball method;
GB 6388-86 transport packaging receipt and delivery mark;
GB 7125-86 pressure sensitive tape thickness determination method;
Test method for tensile properties of GB 7753-87 pressure sensitive tape;
GB / T 10003-2008 ordinary double stretch polypropylene film;
QB / T2422-1998 BOPP pressure sensitive tape for sealing;