1. Introduction:

Adhesive Tapes are widely used for packing and packaging, Labeling, Electrical insulation, Stationery, Sealing and general purpose applications. These tapes are based on many kinds of pressure sensitive adhesives where in adhesive is applied on one side. They can be easily put on any surface very conveniently by applying slight pressure either mechanically or manually.

Each and every industry will come across the adhesive tapes for the purpose of packaging. So the major part of the application of the adhesive tapes is occupied by the packaging industry and the other applications of these adhesive tapes are stationery and households.

2. Global Market:

The world market for adhesive tapes is projected to expand at an annual pace of over 45% through the year 2014 to almost 25 trillion square meters. Adhesive tapes will continue to account for over two-thirds of aggregate sales. Tapes will make further in roads at the expense of competitive carton sealing media such as glues and mechanical fasteners. Rising corrugated box sales will also bode favorably for Adhesive tape demand. Among the other tape types, the best opportunities exist for technical and specialty tapes, such as the double- sided adhesive tapes increasingly utilized in fastening and bonding applications in industries such as building construction, motor vehicle assembly, electronics and telecommunications etc.

3. Raw Materials

The Major and Basic raw materials required for making of Adhesive Plastic Tapes are Bi-axially Oriented Poly Propylene (BOPP) and Water Based Acrylic Adhesive and paper core . For printed tapes, need printing ink; for color tapes,need color paste.